Wiredelta & Philip Morris – From Collaboration to an Exclusive Partnership

In today’s fast-paced world, the “do it alone” approach becomes less and less effective. Companies have to think outside the box and take opportunities to drive collaborative innovation that delivers what customers are looking forward to today.


When it comes to picking your business partner, exploiting different strengths and abilities of others outside your operating environment is one of the most strategic moves in doing business. Hence, it solves one of the many challenges that businesses face.


Pursuing a strategic partnership can positively affect the business, employees, and customers. Businesses can expand their relevance and grow within their market. Customers benefit from the latest trends and contributions each firm brings to the table. On the other hand, employees can broaden their opportunities to learn and grow by being exposed to new savoir-faire.


Our partnership with Philip Morris International

At Wiredelta we are constantly growing our expertise, and so is our partnership with reputed companies such as Philip Morris International. Philip Morris International (PMI) is a Swiss leading international tobacco company, with a strong workforce of 77,000 people. Their products are currently being distributed throughout 180 markets and account for 46 facilities worldwide. Which makes Philip Morris ranked 6th of the world’s top international 15 brands.



The partnership with Philip Morris started as a mere collaboration. In the past, the firm contacted us to help them with a creative application generating digital business cards. Read here the full case, to find out how Wiredelta works on this exciting project.

The problem

Philip Morris needed to rely on a reputable development agency, committed to bringing the best result when it comes to their interface with clients and customers. As Philip Morris is devoted to selling heated-tobacco products and smoke-free substitutes, it’s important that these products are visually displayed accurately online so that their customers can almost feel what to expect. This makes it crucial for Philip Morris to have a high-end website.


Philip Morris contacted us as they needed a solid partner, therefore after one year of collaboration, we became their main technical partner in Denmark to assist them with their local development needs.


The solution

As Philip Morris already had their own platforms built with CS cart, they needed a local development partner to ensure faster technical support for upcoming marketing campaigns and urgent content changes. At Wiredelta we jumped on the opportunity to become a proactive and reliable solution for our partner. 


CS-Cart platform is an option for both start-ups who are starting building websites as well as for those who already have websites built but need to add e-commerce functionality to them.



When crafting a fully furnished online store, prolific web design is not enough, we need the software to empower websites with e-commerce features. The features are mainly to display the range of products, manage storefront. All these relevant aspects of e-commerce functionalities can be easily done by CS-Cart.


What made us a perfect partner for Philip Morris?



The partnership is beneficial for both Wiredelta and Philip Morris. Philip Morris International needed to rely on a provider who is quick, proactive and takes the challenge to the next level. At Wiredelta we are looking to grow each second by providing the best service to companies. An opportunity for Wiredelta to quickly expand our toolset and expertise. 

Working toward a common goal was one of the key drivers for both parties to expand this relationship. We understand a partnership works best when it brings the desired outcomes. Working towards a common goal sets the basis and acts as the glue to hold the partnership together.

Nevertheless, the use of sophisticated tools to provide a smooth and reliable website plays a huge role as well. CS cart is the technology we continue to use to work on their platform. We provide value with high-performing, eye-catching websites, driving more organic traffic, which eventually helps to boot our partner sales. 



It takes time to find a reliable partner. Starting as a small collaboration to a long-term partnership is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of hard work and endurance from both parties. However, the effort is worth it as outsourcing technical expertise is more profitable than employing the developers’ team in-house. Outsourcing development brings to the table skilled developers, the latest industry knowledge, and access to top-notch tools. While at the same time, the client can focus on their core competencies. Trends in mobile apps and web design, as well as software development in general, are shifting at a fast pace. Outsourcing brings you a number of options such as design, development, and quality assurance, among many others. 


It always starts with an idea and then it becomes a solid long-term relationship. 

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