Visitors Location

Tracking your visitors location – specifically geo-location – is many times considered an irrelevant or trivial task, so it is often neglected. However, this is an incremental part of your user research and should not be left aside.


In fact, you could be making a big mistake though if you’re not tracking the location from where your visitors access your website. 



Visitors Location


It is a crucial element to the successful functioning of your business. It will improve content strategy, it will allow you to better optimize your design, and it can also generate leads.


You may need to give your website a boost – content, design, user experience, etc – in order to attract more visitors, however, visitor tracking should be the first place to look if you want to do this. 


Why Tracking Visitors Location Is Beneficial

Sourcing Traffic

One of the main reasons why businesses perform visitors location tracking is to understand where exactly the traffic to their website is coming from. 


Attempt to find out which particular search engines are sending the most traffic to your website. Additionally, understand key insights by determining which links and sources provide the most traffic. This information can be used to rapidly grow your online presence in the places where it counts the most – where your visitors are most active. 


Top 10 Ranking

Your top landing pages can be determined by examining visitors tracking. A landing page may feel right to you, but it may not resonate with your customers. Therefore, track your top ten pages to gain a better understanding of what your customers like. 


Rearrange your top ten pages according to the interests of your visitors in order to reflect the most important details about your business. Use this opportunity to offer different ways for your visitors to connect with you here. 


Learning and Understanding Your Customers

Based on the results of visitors location tracking, you can learn who is visiting your website and why, but now in greater detail.


Is the visitor male or female? What is their age? Where do they live and work? All of this data can be provided using analytics.


Search Engine Optimization, local ads, and social media campaigns are a great way to generate traffic from a specific location. Use the tracking results you have acquired to accurately and precisely target them


Lead Generation

Visitor tracking is a great source of leads. 


Once you understand their wants and needs based on their location and searches, you can tailor your content to their needs. Ensure that your keywords match with your content and learn which keywords lead to a higher conversion rate. 


Unique Visitor Tracking

Whilst there are benefits to looking at the total amount of visitors to your website, the real value is in looking at unique visitors. 


Unique visitors are the ones that request pages from your domain, regardless of how infrequently they visit your site. Using this information, you can make better-informed decisions on content strategies for these particular pages or customers, or both. 



Like sourcing traffic, tracking visitors locations provides a distinct look at where the traffic is originating from when it’s being referred from other sources. 


You can gain rapport with your customers when you link your website back to these referred sources and it will help your customers find you more easily.



Use visitors location tracking to audit your marketing. You want to spend your money where it matters the most, and tracking your visitors will provide you with the information you need to tailor marketing campaigns and web page content to the visitors that will give you the most value.


Use the data you obtain from visitors locations to funnel your marketing funds in a way that exactly appeals to the customer, and also the correct customers.

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