Wiredelta & QEMPLOY – Empowering Freelancers, Now On Mobile

As technology evolves faster and faster, the need for talented technical partners is greater than ever. A little over a year ago we built a revolutionizing web app in collaboration with QEMPLOY, The concept changed the way one finds projects in today’s freelance market forever. Since their launch, QEMPLOY set out to create transparency and build trust by connecting freelancers directly with companies. In this sense, the company became more than just a job portal. It became an amazing tool that empowers consultants. It gives freelancers a voice and ensures they are seen by organizations seeking the best consultants in Denmark.


Now that over a year has passed, we have some updates to bring to this amazing case. But before we do that, let’s recap the issues QEMPLOY set out to solve.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem

When a company needs more human resources, there are two ways to deal with it. Hire an employee or contract a freelance consultant. While hiring a new employee is more beneficial for everyone in the long run, sometimes a freelancer is actually a more cost-effective approach.

For example, let’s say that your company has a new project, but lacks the resources. Hiring a person just for that project is not justifiable if the company can’t use their skill after the project is done. So in this case, it makes more sense to seek the help of a freelancer. But this only raises other issues.

The company’s problem

The company must find a fitting, experienced and trustworthy freelancer. Of course, there are many portals and mobile apps available today that organizations can turn to. But, most of the time they need to go through third parties before connecting with a consultant. The process, thus, is slowed down considerably, and they have no guarantee that the selection process works.

Communication and maintaining contact can easily be disrupted. Even when the company does connect directly with the freelancer, trust issues continue to press on.

The freelancers’ problem

Once a connection with a company has been established, freelancers are basically on their own. Consultants have to manually record their work progress, but some organizations may not trust them when reporting their activity. Especially because they need to issue invoices based on their timelogs.

Not having an automatic way to “punch in” or “punch out”, creates tension on both sides. This often results in freelancers feeling isolated and insecure.. All in all, freelancers simply don’t get the safe feeling they need to keep pursuing their dream job. Not much of a win-win situation. At the same time, freelancers are constantly working on the go.


As remote work and freelancing jobs continue to gain popularity, the world focuses more and more on mobile devices. Traditional 9 to 5 schedules make way for personal timetables allowing consultants to work from anywhere they want. However, as most times they are on the go, freelancers need solutions to keep track of their time, tasks and conversations. To solve all of these issues, QEMPLOY started the partnership with Wiredelta® and together we built first a web solution and then a mobile solution.

The Solution

Freelancers and managers are increasingly on the go, yet they need a dashboard to get an overview of how work is progressing and how this work is being charged for. This is why we built Qemploy both as a web and mobile platform.

The Web Solution

In 2017, Wiredelta and QEMPLOY developed a portal where established businesses and experienced consultants can communicate directly with each other. The platform covers all the basic features a job platform needs and much more. Negotiating a project, discussing the contract, booking a consultant for projects and others are possible directly on the web app.

To reach this goal, QEMPLOY needed to have a stable and efficient web application. One that would be easy to use for both companies and consultants. Wiredelta, created a modern and user-friendly platform using NodeJS and AngularJS, making the search process smooth and simple. But what makes QEMPLOY revolutionary is that it solves both the time tracking and invoicing issues.

Inspired by Wiredelta’s own time-tracking software, Timer, the platform allows users to log their working hours, link them to their task and have an overview of progress made. For invoicing, QEMPLOY is integrated with E-conomic, an online accounting program.

Wiredelta designed QEMPLOY in such a way that creating an account is quick and easy for both parties.


Once logged in, the website has a friendly UX (user experience) dashboard. The panel makes it easy to navigate and keep track of individual projects.

Besides, it comes with such convenient features as conversation requests, client details, calendar and much more.

For now, QEMPLOY focuses on consultants who are specialized in IT and engineering. There you can easily find project managers, developers, testers, engineers, designers and many more top-notch profiles.

The Mobile Solution

Today we are proud to announce that together we launched the QEMPLOY mobile app, and it is all for and about consultants. The Android version of the app was built using Cordova, while the iOS version was developed using iOS Swift. Different devices, same experience

UX/UI wise, the app is meant to mimic the web app and offer a seamless yet better experience. Just like the web version, the mobile app allows consultants to login using their credentials and start timing.

Functionality-wise, the app is as simple as they come. The home screen features the Timer, which is the core of the app. This function is developed to organize the entire workflow in a well-structured manner. By tapping the month under the clock, freelancers have an overview of their exact work process. They can easily see how many hours they worked on a project, their income, and the exact dates.

The notification panel keeps them up to date with every change in their agreement with the client, as well as any new messages. While the chat functions allow them to keep direct contact with the companies at a finger’s touch away. However, the app also gives the freelancer the privacy they need, so if they should choose to disable any of the different types of notifications of the app, they can do so.


With Wiredelta’s help, QEMPLOY reached its goal of becoming a wonderful solution for corporations and the freelance market, starting with Denmark. However, the focus is not on companies and organizations, but on people. This is why together we built the perfect system for them to organize their tasks and keep track of progress. Not only that the app helps them sort their daily workflow, but it gives consultants the confidence they deserve. Whenever a report is due, they have all the information they need at the touch of a button.

Yet again we see how mobile applications prove more vital in our daily routines than web apps. If you want to transform your business into a mobile one, contact us. Together we can put your company in the palms of your users as well.

If you are looking for inspiration, visit our website and read more about our other cases.

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