10 Most Popular AngularJS Websites of 2019

We continue our 10-most-popular series with the most popular websites built with AngularJS. Don’t forget to check out our previous articles10 Most Popular Electron Apps and 10 Most Popular ReactJS Websites. While we are on the subject of AngularJS, we felt it would be prudent to compare the crucial differences between Angular and AngularJS. Once we understand the difference, we will dive into the most popular websites using AngularJS in 2019.


The differences between Angular and AngularJS.

The programming language these frameworks are based on is the first major difference between the two. AngularJS is based on JavaScript. While Angular is based on TypeScript. AngularJS’s initial version starts at 1.0. Where Angular’s initial version starts at 2.0.


AngularJS utilizes terms of scope and controller. Angular does not. The built-in $scope object serves as a sort of glue between View and Controller. It transfers data back and forth. Angular on the other hand, similar to ReactJS uses a hierarchy of components as its primary architectural concept. Where a component is a directive with a template.


Both frameworks have standard directives, but they are used differently. For instance, AngularJS uses an ng-model to create a two-way binding. While, if one wants to create a one-way binding one should use ng-bind. Angular uses ngModel only. So for one way binding one has to write it in: “[]”, while for two-way: ”[()]”.


Finally, both frameworks have different official websites. If you need further information feel free to check them out –  Angularjs.org and Angular.io respectively. 


And now, without further ado, here are the 10 most popular AngularJS websites in 2019:



McDonald's website picture


Framework version: AngularJS 1.6.1

  • Total visits 23.23M 
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:01:29
  • Pages per Visit 2.39
  • Bounce Rate 61.32%


McDonald’s is a US-based yet global fast-food franchise. It is the largest restaurant chain in the world by measured by revenue. It serves close to 69 million customers every day in 100 countries worldwide. The company’s impressive revenue comes from the royalties and fees paid by the franchisees, along with the sales in company-owned restaurants. McDonald’s is the 2nd largest employer in the world with 1.7 million employees. The website allows the company to communicate what is new on the menu, new deals and lets customers discover the company’s many restaurants locations.



T-Mobile picture


Framework version: AngularJS 1.5.9

  • Total Visits 143.02M 
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:22
  • Pages per Visit 2.62
  • Bounce Rate 58.63%


T-Mobile US, Inc or T-Mobile for short is German-headquartered company but also the 3rd largest wireless carrier in the United States with 83.1 million customers. The company has annual revenue of over $40 billion and employs over 51,000 people. The company’s website serves as a platform for selling T-mobile’s many products and services. At the same time, it also helps with customer support, where people can reach T-Mobile via text.



ABC News picture

ABC News

Framework version: AngularJS 1.2.16

  • Total Visits 43.11M
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:04:05
  • Pages per Visit 2.10
  • Bounce Rate 72.32%


ABC News is one of the biggest newsgathering and broadcasting organizations in America. It has a well-balanced portfolio of programs. The website helps ABC News to stay relevant in the digital age. It facilitates the company’s push to reach its audience with trendy formats like video, streaming, and podcasts.



UPS website's picture


Framework version: AngularJS 1.6.6

  • Total Visits 121.67M 
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:33
  • Pages per Visit 3.96
  • Bounce Rate 38.81%


UPS is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in transportation and logistics. It delivers goods, funds, and information to 200 countries worldwide. Its market capitalization was valued at over US$90.6 billion last year and it employs more than 481,000. UPS’s website helps customers navigate the company’s various services. But more importantly, it helps them track their in-transit goods.


eboks website's picture


Framework version: AngularJS 1.5.0

  • Total Visits 4.90M 
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:04:07
  • Pages per Visit 6.41
  • Bounce Rate 12.50%


Perhaps, not a global brand, but E-boks is one of the 100 most trusted brands in Denmark. It provides a secure online digital mailbox free of charge between public institutions like hospitals and the public . E-boks can be used both by private citizens and companies alike. E-boks consolidates all of your information in one secure spot, and the website serves as a client for the mailbox as well as an informational portal for the customers.



car.com website's picture


Framework version: AngularJS 1.6.4

  • Total Visits 22.30M 
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:04:51
  • Pages per Visit 5.26
  • Bounce Rate 51.12%


Cars.com is a massive website that connects car buyers with sellers. The company helps shoppers with resources like data and digital tools. It helps potential customers to make an informed decision for their future purchases. On the other side of the coin, Cars.com help car dealers and manufactures with innovative technical solutions that help them to raise their profit margins. 



cvs' websites picture

CVS pharmacy

Framework version: AngularJS 1.3.16

  • Total Visits 34.25M
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:02:03
  • Pages per Visit 3.56
  • Bounce Rate 43.32%


CVS (Consumer Value Stores) is a well-known Fortune 500 company with their chain of retail pharmacies. The company started out as a chain of health and beauty stores in 1963. After many mergers and sales over the decades the firm now is a behemoth of the industry placed at 7th on the aforementioned Fortune 500 list with $184B in annual revenue. CVS uses its website for sales of goods, making up one of the largest e-commerce websites in America.



bodybuilding.com website's picture


Framework version: AngularJS 1.3.20

  • Total Visits 21.15M
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:14
  • Pages per Visit 3.22
  • Bounce Rate 63.27%


Bodybuilding.com is a well-known health and fitness website. The firm is an online retailer that specializes in dietary supplements. The website garnered a huge community of followers with well over 1 million daily visitors. This fit was achieved through the website’s fitness-centric editorial content and live broadcasts of bodybuilding competition. It also has a fitness-related social network – BodySpace – that managed to pull over 2.7 million active members.


Newlook website's picture



Framework version: AngularJS 1.7.5

  • Total Visits 6.88M
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:05:50
  • Pages per Visit 8.56
  • Bounce Rate 38.66%


Newlook is a British retail brand that deals with global fashion, supported by a chain of boutique shops in Europe. The chain sells clothes for men, women, and teens. The newlook.com website ships to 66 countries worldwide, and is responsible for approximately 20% of the total sales in Newlook.



at&t website's picture


Framework version: AngularJS 1.2.32

  • Total Visits 140.16M
  • Avg. Visit Duration 00:03:21
  • Pages per Visit 3.85
  • Bounce Rate 62.36%


AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the world. It provides mobile and fixed telephone services, but does a ton of other things, such as when the company acquired WarnerMedia last year. This makes AT&T the world’s largest mass media and entertainment company revenue-wise. AT&T is another high ranking member of the Fortune 500 club. The company uses its website for sales of services and customer support.



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