Wiredelta & Changesetter – A Better Way To Employee Training

Relation Technologies (RT) is a company providing professional tools to other businesses dealing with organizational development. They currently sell three major products: Changesetter, 6styles and Public Professional. The first product, Changesetter, is a relation technology simulator that works with training and coaching applications.

By working with global knowledge sharing, Changesetter can be combined with a range of productivity tools to design learning processes. Every such process is meant to fit the client’s needs, ambition and objectives in the best way possible. This way, the company collaborates with clients that wish to create motivation and learn with lasting impact.

The Problem

Thanks to their innovative approach to training, RT enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with SKAT, for which they created a personalized version of Changesetter to their needs. More recently, they started a similar partnership with Telenor, one of the largest telecommunication providers in the Nordics. Needles to say that, with partners of this size, Changesetter’s success is inevitable. However, as the concept becomes more popular, RT needs to find scalable solutions for moving forward.

For now, Changesetter uses SimulatorOEM for their Telenor/SKAT version and SimulatorProd of the Changesetter Game. Having separate simulators raises two major issues. First, RT needs to make sure that every version of the game aligns with their partner’s identity. Secondly, data storing should not be done in separate databases if Changesetter wants to go viral and scale their platform to even bigger clients.

The Solution 

Wiredelta merged the MS SQL database of the SKAT/Telenor module with Changesetter Game’s database, creating a single storage solution that could scale up and down depending on the customer’s needs.

Changesetter is based on ASP.NET and C#. Using the same technologies, we developed the Telenor version of the application based on their identity and technology stack. Therefore, we used the company’s blue and white colors to create a familiar experience for Telenor users.


When it comes to data, Wiredelta understands that where there is no structure there is chaos. Therefore, there is just no one better way to sort your SQL databases than working with the Wiredelta team! Moreover, we know how important corporate identity is for companies and consumers alike, and we work everyday to preserve that for our partners.

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