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In an ideal world, when a company loses a client they know exactly why. In a perfect world, they can even react prior to losing the client. Unfortunately, we don’t live in such a world, technology simply hasn’t advanced enough, and companies end up having a plethora of unknown reasons for losing a customer.

The problem is aggravated by a world that is spinning faster and faster, becoming more globalised and diverse with a range of new requirements. With rising competition, the need for retaining clients, and knowing why some customers churn, has never been greater. Needless to say, customer satisfaction is the key competitive advantage a business has… or lacks.

So, the question here is, how do you go about your customer insights and sales data? Well, the answer is simple. This is what Orbiz Analytics—the tool developed by Orbiz Insight—is all about.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem

In essence, Orbiz Insight is addressing the problem companies face with collecting feedback on their products or services, in an automated fashion!

It has almost become a law of nature that a company is losing clients and without knowing the reason why. There can be problems with the communication between the parties or simply problems with the product itself, or of course the delivery of the product. These are small details which can have negative effects on the company’s sales, especially for companies focusing on relational sales. How can a company know there is a problem before it becomes a disaster?

A company can contact each of the clients to assess their satisfaction with the products or services. But it might be time consuming and inefficient. Hence, there should be a way to find out what customers want to change before it is too late. A solution had to present itself!

The Solution

Orbiz Insight is a platform that specialises in next generation customer insights. There are many ways to collect, analyze and present the customer’s perception of a company, but one way is to focus on what happens when a customer wants to drop out.

Orbiz Analytics is all about customer insights and sales feedback. Orbiz has therefore built an online solution that provides companies and their teams with an in-depth knowledge of each customer’s place in the sales lifecycle and gives them the opportunity to focus on taking their sales to the next level. 

When a company is registered on the analytics platform, they get their dedicated Company Panel and for security measures, Orbiz has added IP-address check which will ask for confirmation if the company user is logging in from a different IP than usual.

Orbiz Analytics CRM soluiton


Upon login, the company user will see a dashboard with a wealth of customer insights data obtained from the survey. The survey is standard but the complexity covers all possible scenarios predicted, based on solid research conducted by Orbiz. This research takes into account parameters such as:

  • Dialogue frequency
  • Satisfaction with the sales channels
  • Improvement of overall satisfaction

Based on results from the received feedback, an overall score is given for each client whether they are satisfied, neutral or dissatisfied. This also gives a deeper perception of how the customer thinks, where the company can improve regarding sales channels, quality, price, service, etc.

CRM tool

Profile & Client management

After signing up and logging in to your account, the first thing to do is to go to the profile and fill out the necessary information such as adding a personal signature and company logo.

When the profile has been updated, the next step is to import all the customers to the system. The client management system is quite easy to manage and gives a great overview of all the customers.

CRM tool

First you have the option to download a template for customer insights and sales data sets. These templates will have to be filled with the necessary information and uploaded to the client management panel. Then, the panel will present the data which includes a customer role provided by the sales data and give you a wide range of options to remove/edit/unsubscribe etc. for each individual customer. Another option is also the ability to export all the customer insights data in the form of an excel sheet containing all the customer information that Orbiz resides with.


The Orbiz customer insights solution allows you also to create a premade survey with your own company and products’ details in 3 easy steps:

  • Fill out the pre-survey
  • Choose customers or customer groups to send to
  • Choose dates for the campaign

The pre-survey lets you fill out the information of your company to create a personalized survey that you are able to send to your customers.

Moving to the next tab will give you a list of all your customers and also you will have them split into 3 customer specific groups based on what type of customer they are:

  • New Customer
  • Current Customer
  • Lost Customer

There is of course the option to choose all of your customers. But the possibility to send a custom personalized survey to a specific customer group is extremely valuable.

In the end all that needs to be done is fill in the desired dates for the campaign to run as well as the possibility of filling out a personalized email message and choosing whether or not the customer will receive a reminder regarding the survey.

Results & Support

At the end of the campaign, Orbiz Analytics allows you to be able to see the survey of each individual customer and their exact answers. This provides the opportunity for the company to contact that specific customer and try to fix their relationship or ask then for more exact feedback as to why they are satisfied or unsatisfied. In this way, improving also the company’s CRM.

Survey Results Tool

If the company is unsure about how to use the tools that Orbiz offers, they can take advantage of the FAQ section that provides answers to the most general questions.

Besides the FAQ, Orbiz has also taken measures for more complicated inquiries that are not easily solved by the former panel. The built-in chat will get you in touch directly with a Customer Service agent or the Admin.

Admin Panel

On top of all that, Orbiz analytics also presides over an Admin Panel that allows them to create and edit the customer survey so as to optimize it to the fullest through the plugin SurveyJS.


The tool SurveyJS is able to make a detailed survey that allows multiple journeys for different types of customers dependent on their customer role given by the company. SurveyJS has its own create/edit section that will help you with setting up a survey. Additionally, it is also possible to insert a custom .json file that will then be mapped out in the tool.

SurveyJS tool

Apart from SurveyJS, the admin panel also allows Orbiz to provide an impeccable service/support through the collected data. The panel also provides Orbiz with the survey data which they can analyze and provide to the company. Furthermore, the admin panel monitors activity and error logs. In this way, helping the support team to more easily assist companies in case they encounter issues in the Company Panel.

Orbiz CRM tool


To be able to build a website like Orbiz you need different technologies for external APIs, frontend and backend development. Earlier we looked at the SurveyJS API that was used to create, edit and run the survey that Orbiz provides for companies. The other technologies that have been used to build Orbiz is AngularJS, NodeJS and PostgreSQL. These technologies were chosen because each one of them contributes with something beneficial for building the website.

AngularJS provides improved server performance, responsiveness and enabled early prototypes that helped shape the website. NodeJS was used as it offers an easy scalable solution, high performance and it also gives you the benefit of FullstackJS. PostgreSQL was chosen because we have a relational database and also because it is extremely reliable and stable.

The Team

A project wouldn’t be successful without a great team behind the scene. The Wiredelta’s team responsible for this project include:

  • Mattias – Project Manager
  • Filip – Technical Lead
  • Nithesh – Full-stack Developer
  • Stilyan – Designer
  • Daniela – Project Director
  • Aaron – Technical Advisor

You can see them on our About page.


As customer retention is more important than ever for modern companies to succeed, we were more than happy to help Orbiz Insight turning their idea into a rock-solid digital solution. With Orbiz Analytics, you can analyze your customer insights data, discover what satisfies your customers and receive valuable feedback on your products and services. If you are in a similar need of a new website or mobile application, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and our highly skilled developers will find the perfect solution.

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